Hanne Nina Rasmussen

Hanne Nina Rasmussen

Senior researcher

2003-2009 Member of the committees under the Ministry of Research for evaluating cases of scientific dishonesty

2000-present Senior scientist, Forest & Landscape Denmark, now as Institut of Geosciences and Nature Resource Management, Sektion for Forest, Nature, and Biomass, University of Copenhagen.

1997-2003 Member of the National Agricultural Research Council

1996. D.Sc. at the Faculty of Natural Science, University of Copenhagen, on a thesis entitled: Germinationg biology and mycotrophy in terrestrial orchids.

1993-99 Senior scientist, Danish Institute of Plant and Soil Science (presently part of University of Aarhus)

1991-1993 Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Edgewater, Maryland, USA.
1989-1990 Temporary positions, funded by University of Copenhagen and the National Agricultural Research Council
1985-1989 Assistant professor, University of Copenhagen.
1983-1985 Postdoctoral grant, University of Copenhagen
1982 Ph.D., University of Copenhagen. Thesis: Development of stomata in Liliiflorae.
1979-1982 Predoctoral grant, University of Copenhagen
1979 M.Sc. in biologi, University of Copenhagen. Thesis: Knowltonia Salisb. (Ranunculaceae) - a taxonomic revision
1968 Baccalaureate in mathematical and natural science from Øregaard Gymnasium
1950 Born in Copenhagen

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