George Frederick Mkoma

George Frederick Mkoma

Guest Researcher

After working as a physician for couple of years, I could see myself growing my potential into clinical and population health research, particularly in understanding health inequalities in various populations, disparities in care and treatment, and effectiveness and safety of various medications. My interest is to conduct high-quality research employing Start-of-the-Art methods to report on disease trajectories, to document populations that are at risk of chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes as well as to document on effectivenessnes and safety of various treatment modalities accross subpopulations. During my PhD studies, I investigated the risk of stroke, mortality and access to and utilisation of stroke care (pre-hospital, in-hospital and post-discharge care) among migrants and ethnic minorities comparing with people of Danish origin using nationwide registers in Denmark.

Currently, I am working on a project investigating effectiveness and safety of heart failure medication such as SGLT2i and ARNi using nationwide registers in Denmark. In parallel, I am executing a project on the risk of Long COVID among vulnerable populations in Denmark using hospital and population registers. 

Moreover, I am exposed to methods such as multivariable logistic regression, quantile regression, Cox proportion hazard regression, Competing risk regression models, and composite score measures (opportunity-based and all-or-none) to investigate risk of diseases and utilization of treatment.

I also employ prevalent new user (PNU) design, active comparator new user (ACNU) design and target trial emulation to assess effectiveness and safety of cardiovascular disease medication.

Primary fields of research

Clinical epidemiology and population health.

Cardiovascular disease prediction.

Migrant health and ethnicity.

Treatment effectiveness and safety.

Quality of healthcare assessment.

Current research

Effectiveness and safety of SGLT2i and ARNi in the treatment of heart failure patients using natiowide registers.

Long term consequences of COVID-19 in ethnic minorities using nationwide registers.

ID: 232630192