Francisca Nordfalk

Francisca Nordfalk

Current research

My PhD project is a part of the larger research project POLICYAID, funded by the European Research Council. The overall objective of POLICYAID is to analyze intensified data sourcing in healthcare across three levels: 1) policymaking, 2) everyday clinical practices, and 3) citizen experiences of health, illness, rights and duties. The three levels are common for both POLICYAID and my PhD. In my project, I will study how national reorganization as a form of intensified data sourcing is currently unfolding in Denmark. In particular how intensified data sourcing is related to research participation involving biological samples.

My overall ambition with the PhD is to 1) study policy solutions for data sourcing and research participation, 2) get an understanding of how these policies are implemented and realized in practice by conducting ethnographic fieldwork and by estimating how often a Danish citizen can expect to participate in research, and 3) explore how the donors and the clinicians experience these policy solutions and the donors’ potential research participation. In all of the above, I will use The Danish National Screening Biobank as a research case. The main assets for the National Biobank are tissue samples from new-born screening (PKU). These will therefore be of main interest in my studies.

Teaching and supervision

I am a teaching assistant in the course Organisation Analysis on BSc in Public Health. I have formerly been a teaching assistant in the courses Demography and Introduction to Statistics also in BSc Public Health. I supervise projects related to medical sciences and technology, health data, research participation and both qualitative and quantitative methods.

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