Fiona Huijie Zeng

Fiona Huijie Zeng


I am employed as a PhD fellow in The Peoples' Internet (PIN) project. Within the current context of Internet's deep embedment into people's everyday life, PIN investigates how the cultural tradition, political regulation, and the Internet as a technology shape citizens’ communication. Here, instead of being regarded as a media tool, the Internet is broadly seen as a communication tool. Under a comparative framework, our project looks at three centers of the global economy and world politics, respectively China, Europe, and the United States. Moreover, PIN focuses on the interplay of civil society, state and market, and its impact on peoples' Internet use. Methodologically speaking, PIN applies a multimethod approach, combining quantitative population survey and big data analysis with qualitative fieldwork. More detailed information concerning PIN can be found: 

Besides general engagement into the project, I am particularly responsible for conducting the ethnographic fieldwork in China, and reviewing the regulatory regime, cultural traditions, and market with regard to peoples' communication via Internet.


Primary fields of research 

  • Digital communication
  • Media user analysis
  • Qualitative research methodology
  • Internet regulation
  • Media censorship (with a focus on China)
  • Online collective action  



  • Communication and IT
  • Digital media
  • Comparative media system
  • Censorship and media system in China
  • Online collective action

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