Ditlev Otto Juel Reventlow

Ditlev Otto Juel Reventlow


My PhD project focusses on how to convert uniform plantations into more near-natural heterogenous forest stands and the effect it has on wood production and stand structure. 

I am currently working on the EU LIFE project "Forests fit for future" whose primary goal is to convert app. 5000 ha of conifer plantations to close-to-nature forestry. The research objective of the project has been:

1: to find out what we currently know about conversion of conifer plantations (what works, what doesn't).

2: Monitor development in biodiversity, timber production, recreational interests and carbon storage on a subset of the 5000 ha as conversion progresses.

3: Develop planning tools that can be used to manage close-to-nature forests dominated by conifers.


Teaching activities:

MSc course Silviculture of temperate forest (2017/2018-)

Course webpage: https://kurser.ku.dk/course/lnak10052u

ID: 151349713