Dereck Edward Winston Chatterton

Dereck Edward Winston Chatterton

Associate Professor

Academic Degrees:

2002: Degree of Ph.D. Dept. of Molecular Biology, Protein Chemistry Laboratory, University of Aarhus, Denmark & jointly at Dept. of Nutrition, UC Davis California

1990: Degree of Master of Science (Biostructural Chemistry). University of Aarhus, Denmark.

1985: Degree of Batchelor of Science, University of Dundee, Scotland, Biochemistry

1982: Fellowship of the Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences, 1982 Bristol Polytechnic, UK

1979: Higher National Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences, 1979. Bristol Polytechnic, UK

Academic Employment:

2016: Associate Professor, Bioactivity of Milk Proteins and Peptides (Tenure), ongoing

2015: Associate Professor of Dairy Biochemistry and Technology, FOOD and also Section of Comparative Paediatrics and Nutrition, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

2014: Associate Professor of Dairy Biochemistry and Technology, FOOD, Faculty of Science andalso Department of Human Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, section of Clinical and Experimental Nutrition, University of Copenhagen

2009: Associate Professor of Dairy Biochemistry and Technology, FOOD, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen

2007: Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dublin Oxford Glycobiology Lab, UC Dublin

2006: Biochemist, Oligosaccharide Research Lab, Moorepark Food Research Centre, Ireland

2002-2006: Visiting researcher, (Post.doc), Dept. of Molecular Biology, Protein Chemistry Laboratory, University of Aarhus, Denmark

1995-2006: Biochemist, Arla Foods Innovation, Denmark

2000: Staff Research Associate, Dept. of Nutrition, University of California Davis

1998: Visiting Researcher, Dept. of Nutrition, University of California Davis

1995: Biochemist, R&D Laboratory MD Foods Ingredients, Denmark

1991: Biochemist, R&D Laboratory Danmark Protein, Denmark

1991: Clinical Research Assistant, Institute of Experimental Clinical Research, University of Aarhus 

Research Leadership:

  • 15 years experience at Arla Foods Ingredients. Head, R&D Laboratory, several technical staff.
  • Formal leadership training courses, Arla Foods.
  • Project leader, Bioactive Milk Components; Alpha-lactalbumin, GMP, Osteopontin preclinical documentation.
  • Co-investigator, since starting at University of Copenhagen in 2009, on several projects including DSF-FØSU grants.
  • Extensive collaboration among local, national and international partners.
  • International experience from 4 research stays abroad at University of California at Davis, Moorepark Food research Centre and University College, Dublin.
  • Deputy research group leader of in Dairy Technology Section at FOOD.
  • Main supervisor and co-supervisor of several students and PhD students.
  • EU Project Coordination: Representative for Arla Foods within the Framework European Programme, MADGELAS, with partners from European universities, institutes and industries.
  • Member of Cost Action “Infogest” Food Digestion Network, 200 participants, 60 institutions in 27 countries
  • Dairy Internship Committee Member, University of Copenhagen
  • Dairy Industry Coordination Group
  • Chairman Innovation Committee June 2009-December 2009
  • Research and Innovation Committee, (Responsible for Innovation) Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen,
  • Participation in Management Group, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen; Member, Industrigruppe for sikring af mejeriingeniøruddannelsens fremtid, FOOD Strategy Committee (from February 2013) Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen.
  • Member of the NEOCOL Innovation Fund Denmark project steering group
  • Representative for the occupational health and safety committee (2018 ongoing)

Selected Publications:

~30 publications in international journals, including 3 US patents, 3 book chapters

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ID: 6460167