Dean Jacobsen

Dean Jacobsen

Associate Professor

Current research


My research concerns basic and applied stream ecology, focusing on function, spatial distribution and temporal variability in diversity and composition of benthic macroinvertebrate communities, bio-assessment and eco-physiological performance along environmental and geographical gradients in e.g. altitude, temperature and oxygen. I am particularly interested in high alpine and glacier-fed freshwater ecosystems.



  • Basic ecology (Almen økologi)
  • Field course III (Limnologi)
  • Biodiversity (Biodiversitet)
  • Freshwater macrofauna, field course (Makrofauna i ferskvand)
  • Advanced ecology
  • Freshwater ecology (Ferskvandsøkologi)
  • Ecology and management of nature and semi-nature areas


Current and recent research projects

  • Back to the future - limnology in Sourthern Greenland, 2021-2022. (Carlsberg).
  • Supporting climate and biodiversity by rewetting low-lying areas, 2021-24. (DFF).
  • The effect of Oil palm plantations on environmental quality of streams 2020-23. (Talent).
  • Microplastics in streams, 2019-21. (Innovation Fund Denmark).
  • BIO-Thaw – Modelling Biodiversity and land use interactions under changes glacial water availability in Tropical High Andean Wetlands, 2013-16. (FRB, France).
  • Glacial melting, environm. harshness and fauna in streams, 2014-15. (Carlsberg).


Other current duties & activities

  • Head of Section (~18 employees).
  • GMBA (Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment) coordinator group on aquatic biodiversity.
  • Member Scientific Advisory Board, Eurac Research, Institute for Alpine Ecology, Italy.
  • Member of committee of the Study board for Geography and planning at the Faculty of Science.
  • Dept. representative in Faculty of Science committee for work environment.
  • Member of committee for bibliometric research-indicators, Danish Ministry of Science.
  • Associate Editor: Inland Waters (SIL - Freshwater Biological Association).
  • Special Issue editor for the journal Water 2021: Effects of Climate and Environmental Change on Freshwater Ecosystems (together with Valeria Lencioni)

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