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I am currently working towards the publication of an edited volume titled “Music and Cultural Diplomacy in the Middle East: Geopolitical Re-configurations for the 21st century” with Associate Prof. Søren Møller Sørensen (IKK, UCPH), Prof. Jonathan H. Shannon (NYU AD) and the advice of Prof. Virginia Danielson (Harvard University). 

This edited volume offers an innovative contribution to the field of ethnomusicology, as well as political science and international relations, by highlighting the agency of non-state actors (local voices, communities, and grassroots organisations) and thus, contributing towards de-centering the state, hitherto conceived as the chief player in cultural diplomacy. It highlights the ways in which the work of individual musicians, artistic collectives, non-governmental organisations, and artistic-research communities move beyond agency towards soft power by establishment of long-term cultural work interweaved into societal fabric.

As part of the book project, we will be organising an exhibition or art installation place in a venue in Copenhagen seeking to engage with Danish cultural organizations. The exhibition aims towards a visual and spatial representation of music used as cultural diplomacy. This event will create an opportunity to work closely with some of the international partners we as scholars may, in some cases, have already be collaborating with for extended periods of time. It will also bring to Copenhagen the editorial team alongside the group of authors working on the volume for a roundtable discussion and will serve as a pre-book-launch event. This will be an opportunity to come together into discuss the development of ideas, processes, methodologies, and artists-scholar relationships since start of the book project. 


Currently, I am involved in the organisation of an event on  “Gender Quotas in European Cultural Industries: a comparative approach between Portugal and Denmark”  invited byt Silvia Schiermacher (Culture, Portuguese Embassy) in collaboration with Britta Thomsen (Nyt Europa), Antonieta Nielsen (DJØF & KVINFO). Although this is a public sector event, we look towards (re)starting a conversation surrounding comparative european approached to gender representation in the cultural industries which considers follow-up events as well as a arts-research collaboration project in the near future.



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