Christoffer Jessen Weissert

Christoffer Jessen Weissert

PhD Student

I am a PhD fellow at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Economics, with a scholarship from the Central Bank of Denmark, Danmarks Nationalbank.

Supervisors: Søren Hove Ravn og Jeppe Druedahl

Primary fields of research

I am a macroeconomist interested in what inequality does to the macroeconomy and what the macroeconomy does to inequality. Specifically, I am interested in

  • why we find such big differences in income and wealth at the micro level,
  • what this heterogeneity implies for the macroeconomy and macroeconomic policy tools such as monetary and fiscal interventions, 
  • how policy tools affects different groups in society.

Thus far, my research has dealt with

  • micro-founded consumption-savings behavior in heterogenous agent model,
  • wealth accumulation and explanations for the distribution of wealth in soceity,
  • conusmption basket heterogeneity


Macroeconomics I and II, Economics, University of Copenhagen

Macroeconomics 3 - Business cycles and monetary stabilization policies, Mathematics-Economics, Univeristy of Copenhagen

ID: 135846077