Christina Jerne

Christina Jerne


My research focuses on the organisational aspects of economy. I am interested in the socialities that emerge from, or are challenged by, specific economic arrangements.

Primary fields of research

I have worked extensively with different types of organised crime enterprise in Italy. In particular I explored diverse collective efforts to oppose and prevent their success, for example, through anti-mafia food production, tourism initiatives and the social reuitilisation of confiscated businesses and property. This work developed a theoretical connection between social movement theories, and economic philosophy and cultural studies.

Current research

I am mapping out diverse gang economies in the Øresund region, and investigating their aesthetic and material infrastructures. My research is supported by Carlsberg Foundation and is carried out in collaboration with the  'Centre for Global Criminology'. At the centre, we aim to develop a novel and ethnographically oriented approach to the study of criminal developments in our contemporary world where crime increasingly travels across national borders.


My teaching and supervision seek to inspire diverse ways of conceptualising and doing economy across scales and sectors. I have also worked more pragmatically as a consultant in critical experiential design for different contexts (E.g. museums, political campaigns, tourism sites and itineraries, libraries, commercial events, video games, difficult heritage sites, public urban space).

ID: 208910883