Céline Pascale Claire Moreaux

Céline Pascale Claire Moreaux

PhD Student

In collaboration between the Centre for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (CMEC) and the Institute for Food and Resource Economics (IFRO) at UCPH, my current research project focuses on the importance of biotic pollinators in food production systems both in the tropics and in temperate regions.

In this interdisciplinary work, I am conducting a meta-analysis on the effect of bees and other animal pollinators on coffee production. This has the aim to identify the level of pollination limitation in the crop and the varying degrees of this effect under different environmental conditions. This can subsequently assist in assessing the effects of changing climatic conditions on coffee agrosystems.

Furthermore, to assess the value of pollination services to society and the agricultural system in Germany, I am applying a stated preferences method. Using a choice modelling approach in four German states, I aim to identify the level of knowledge on pollinators among German citizens and to quantify the monetary value of their services provided to the public.

Primary fields of research

conservation and biodiversity, ecosystem services, choice modelling, survey design

ID: 184438756