Carsten Rahbek

Carsten Rahbek


Curriculum Vitae (2023)

Carsten Rahbek, Professor in Biodiversity, Director of Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (CMEC) and Villum Center for Global Mountain Biodiversity, Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen

Nationality: Danish
Bate of birth: 3 March 1965

Working address:

Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate
Globe Institute
University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 15, Building 3, 2nd floor
DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 35 32 10 30


  • PhD, Biogeography (1995), National Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian Institution, USA, and University of Copenhagen
  • MSc Zoology (1992), University of Copenhagen

Subject fields

Biodiversity, macroecology, biogeography, conservation biology, climate change, UN SDGs, green economy, environmental economy, human health relations, science policy, leadership.

Current appointments

  • Full Professor in Biodiversity, Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2013-)
  • Adjunct Professor in Macroecology, Danish Institute for Advanced Study (DIAS), University of Southern Denmark (2019-)
  • Visiting Professor Chair of Macroecology, Imperial College, UK (2013-)
  • Professor in Ecology and Evolution, Peking University, China (2012-)
  • Bingzhi Forum Professorship, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (2012-)

Past appointments

  • Full Professor, Section for Biodiversity, National History Museum of Denmark, UCPH (2013-2019)
  • Full Professor, Section for Ecology and Evolution, Department of Biology, UCPH (2008-2013)
  • Professor MSO, Zoological Museum, UCPH (2005-2008)
  • Curator of Birds, Zoological Museum, UCPH (1998–2005)
  • Associate Professor, Zoological Museum, UCPH (1998–2001)
  • Assistant Professor, Zoological Museum, UCPH (1995–1998)
  • Visiting reserach Fellow, NMNH Smithsonian Institution, USA (1994-1995)
  • Fulbright Research Fellow, NMNH Smithsonian Institution, USA (1993-1994)

Current organizational leadership and memeberships

  • Member of the National Bioeconomy Panel (2023-)
  • Vice Chairman of the board of WWF Denmark (2022-)
  • Council Member of the Danish Biodiversity Council (2021-)
  • Director of the Villum Center for Global Mountain Biodiversity (2020-)
  • Member of the Institutional Leadership of Globe Institute, UCPH (2019-)
  • Leader of the Danish universities IPBES office in Denmark (2016-)
  • Director of Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (2010-)

Past organizational leadership and memberships

  • Presidency (Elect, Current, Past) of the International Biogeography Society (2014-2019)
  • Member of the Institutional Leader Team of the Natural History Museum of Denmark, UCPH (2013-2018)
  • Section Head of Biodiversity, Natural History Museum of Denmark, UCPH (2013-2015, 2017-2019)
  • Member of the Institute Leader Team of Department of Biology, UCPH (2008-2013)
  • Board Member of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, UCPH (2006-2009)
  • Board Member and Director of Admittance of the international PhD School of Biodiversity Sciences in Denmark (2002-2007)
  • Board Member of the EURING, European Union for Bird Ringing (2003-2005)
  • Head of the Danish Bird Ringing Centre (1995-2005)

Review organization and execution

  • One of the principal forces, as scientific advisor to the EU Precidency, in building the transparent quality-check and peer-review system now used by the UN Biodiversity panel (IPBES) to quality check the global scientific IPBES assessment reports based on 10,000s papers and involving thousands of scientists.
  • Editorial Advisory Council of Frontiers of Biogeography (2018-)
  • Editor-in-Chief of Ecography (2004-2014)
  • Publication Board of Journal of Avian Biology (2004-2014)
  • Subject Editor of Journal of Ornithology (2003-2008)
  • Editorial Advisory Board of Global Ecology and Biogeography (2002-2005)

Teaching and supervision

  • Taught and lectured at >35 courses across five faculties
  • Supervision of >20 BSc theses, >MSc theses, >33 PhD theses, >37 Postdocs, including 10 Marie Curie Fellows, and >11 Assistant Professors
  • Development of > 0 BSc, MSc, and PhD courses
  • Development of the cross-institutional and interdisciplinary MSc in Climate Change and MSc in Nature Management
  • Development of the “Ecology & Evolution” part of the curriculum in Biology (2007-2009)
  • Establish and co-directed the Danish Universities International School of Biodiversity Sciences (ISOBIS) (2001-2007)

Science advisory 

  • Scientific advisor to the Danish governmental delegation in establishing the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) in 2012 and subsequent Danish advisor at the IPBES COP meetings (2012-)
  • Member of the Danish governmental Biodiversity Partnership (2023-)
  • Member of the Danish governmental Bioeconomic Panel (2022-)
  • Member of the Silvias Advisory Board to Ørsted, advising on natur-based solutions for the company to become carbon neutral and biodiversity positive (2021-)
  • Member of the Danish govermental Biodiversity Council (2021-)
  • Member of the future policy of The European Research Council (ERC) on data sharing reporting to the ER Commission (2017)
  • Cooperating with and advising the EU Presidency on formulating EU policy on biodiversity (2012-2013)
  • Member of the Danish govermental Nature and Agriculture Commission (2011-2013)

Collaboration with external organizations


The World Bank, United Nations, EU Commission, EU Presidency, IPBES, The European Research Council, UN World Conservation Monitoring Center, UNEP, IUCN, FAO, WWF-US, Conservation International, BirdLife International, The Nature Conservancy.


The Danish Parliament, Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Ministry of Environment and Food, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Transport, Building & Housing, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Fisheries.


Danish National Research Foundation (DG), Velux Foundations/Villum Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Aage V. Jensen Nature Fund, Innovation Fund Denmark, The Danish Nature Fund.

Private sector - national

Ørsted, Mærsk, Novozymes, Velux, Fehmern, DHI, COWI Consult, Rambøll, Forenet Kredit, Kredit Danmark, Nordea, Dansk Mode og Textil (DM&T).

Organizations - national 

Danish Economic Council, Danish Board of Technology, Danish Culture & Food Council, Danish National Environmental Research. 



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