Carsten Michael Henrichsen

Carsten Michael Henrichsen

Professor, emeritus


Since 1975 I have been employed at the Faculty of Social Sciences and (from 1993) the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen. From the beginning of my employment I was attached to Institute of Administrative Science, and since 1985 Institute of Legal Science, Section B, which - in 2003 - was altered to Research Section II.

At first I was engaged on a Ph.D. scholarship, after this as lecturer and since 1981 as assistant Professor. In 1997 I took a doctoral degree (LL.D.) with the dissertation "Justice and Modern Administration" and in this year I was appointed as associate Professor. In 2001 I was appointed Professor of Administrative Law.

Furthermore in the period 1982-87 I was attached, for the Education in Administrative Law field, to the Institute of Social Sciences as Assistant Professor in Public Law. Besides this I have been appointed, in the period 2000-06, as censor for the Education in Public Administration at the University Centre of Roskilde (RUC).

In 1984-89 I studied at the University of Oslo in Norway joining the Institute of Public Law, where I was supervised by professor, LL.D. Torstein Eckhoff. Thse studies were financed by the Nordic Council of Research.

Over the years I have engaged in various disciplines in the Public Law sector such as Administrative Science, Constitutional Law (in 1987-91 as course director), Administrative Law (1991-98 as assistant course director) and EU-law (from 2007 as temporary course director). Besides I have been closely engaged with common law issues such as Sociology of Law and Philosophy of Law.

In my present position in Administrative Law I am mostly engaged in the interaction between public and private affairs, focusing on public procurement and state aid rules of the EU, public companies, public self-governing institutions and other sorts of affairs in the "borderland" between the public and private sectors.

For the period of 1999-2001 I was elected as head of law studies. In 2003 I was elected as head of department at the Institute of Legal Science, Section B. When the institutes were changed one year later to faculty sections, I continued as section leader appointed by the dean, until these have been abolished in 2007.

For the period of 2009-2010 I have been appointed as head of a researchgroup of Public Administrative Law. In 2010 this goup was upgraded to a Centre of Public Regulation and Administration (CORA) for which I have beeen appointed as head of centre. By the same time I became member of the Research Coordination Group at the faculty (FOKO). Due to age I have left both duties by the start of 2016. The year later I quit my job as professor (Avril 1, 2017). However I am still attached the faculty as Erimitus Professor.


Amongst other administrative tasks I have been appointed by the Rector as Chairman of the Committee of Research Integrity (The Practise Committee) in 2006-09, and in 2007-2015 I have been engaged as arbitrator in the Danish Union of Teachers in the Public School and the Copenhagen Union of Teachers respectively. 

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