Carsten Lynge Jensen

Carsten Lynge Jensen

Senior researcher

I am a senior researcher at the Department of Food and Resource Economics. I am educated economist from Aarhus University and PhD. degree from SDU. I have worked at a number of different research institutions (University of Copenhagen, SDU, AKF (VIVE), and SNF in Norway).

Primary fields of research

Empirical research experiments with effect measurement of economic incentives and nudging on households’ energy consumption (electricity experiments, house renovation, etc.). Quantitative research in areas such as: consumer economics, valuation of natural goods, aquatic environment, fisheries economics, municipal economy, and international trade.

Current research

has in recent years worked with climate change with respect to user behavior from nudging and economic incentives. That is, behavioral economics based on randomized field experiments on households. In my work, I have seen on the effects of sms communication on people power consumption and the effect of nudging on energy renovation of homes.


Is a co-teacher in the course: Climate Economics. Supervisor on economic issues in the course: Climate Change - An Interdisciplinary Challenge, and supervisor on innovation project at the Science Innovation Hub. Finally, I am supervisor om Master's / Bachelor's projects on a number of different empirical projects in relation to climate change, energy economics, etc.

Possible conflicts of interest

Through the projects I participate in, I often work with private companies (COWI, SE, Develco, Neogrid) and public authorities. In these projects, I work as a representative of the University of Copenhagen and do not receive remuneration from these external partners.

In addition, I am a board member of the Smørum district heating company, where we work with the green transition in the heating sector partly through the decision to invest in green technology and partly through the implementation of instruments that limit the energy consumption of private homeowners, thus improving the operation of the heating plant. I receive remuneration for the work in this board.


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