Camilla Mazzucato

Camilla Mazzucato

External Lecturer, Ekstern forsker

I am an anthropologist and archaeologist interested in relational approaches to archeology, theories of materiality (including New Materialism) and digital methods to Anthropology (Network Science and GIS). I have extensive experience as a GIS Specialist for large archaeological projects (e.g AERA and Çatalhöyük Research Project) and I am interested in the theory and practice of GIS technology, spatial analysis and digital cartography in archaeology and the application of multivariate statistics to archaeological data.

My research focuses on the Neolithic of Southwest Asia and specifically on the investigation of the social organization of large agricultural Neolithic communities. I use Network Science methods to disentangle patterns of social relations and to explore the nature of the social networks that emerged within communities during the early Holocene. For my research I combine different datasets both cultural and biological (aDNA) and I use a variety of exploratory and modelling network approaches.

I am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher for the DFF Founded Project Birds as a key line of evidence for human vulnerability and resilience to environmental shifts in a pre-agricultural context. For this research I am applying Geometric Morphometric statistics for the identification of water bird species as a way of reconstructing the paleo-environment of several key Epipaleolithic and Neolithic sites in the Levant.  I am additionally interested in applying a Multispecies approach to the study of the past and in the field of Human-Animal Studies and Environmental Humanities.

Primary fields of research

Southwest Asian Neolithic archaeology, archaeological network analysis and relational approaches to archaeology. Multispecies archaeology, environmental humanities. Theory and practice of GIS technology and digital cartography in archaeology, archaeological spatial analysis and multivariate statistical approaches to archaeology. 

ID: 258207425