Camilla Kragelund

Camilla Kragelund

Associate Professor

Area of teaching

Oral Pathology and Medicine – course manager

Clinical Oral Anatomy – course manager

Interdisciplinary courses with endodontic and rehabilitation disciplines


Main research topics

Research focusing on: aethiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics, treatment and prognosis of oral diseases - from cell culture and tissue samples to patient setting

1. Infectious, inflammatory, potentially malignant and malignant oral mucosal diseases

                             •The influence of drug exposure and metabolism, genetic polymorphisms and molecular                        mimicry in oral mucosal diseases, e.g. oral lichen planus and leukoplakia

                             •The oral mycobiome and bacteriobiome: mapping the microbiome in oral diseases, explore                 the influence on the pathogenesis and progression, e.g. oral lichen planus and oral               candidosis

                             •Explore new treatment strategies and tailor new regiments - in cell culture and patient                          settings (bacteriotherapy)

                             •Candida diagnostics: development of new diagnostic methods (FACs- and FISH)

2. Hard tissue research: Odontogenic tumours and enamel organ repair - genetic polymorphisms and protein-expression

3. Oral mucosal health – mapping oral mucosal and dental health

                             •In elderly e.g. octogenarians on the Faroe Islands

                             •In patients with chronic diseases e.g. chronic renal diseasese

                             •In relation to exposure to electronic cigarette smoke

4. Development of clinical guidelines and oral intervention programs together with multi-professional teams of dental hygienists, nurses, medical specialists and dentists



2018-                  Member of the Research Council of the Department of Odontology, Copenhagen

2014- 2018        Member of the board of the Ph.d. Graduate program “Basic and Clinical Research in     Musculoskeletal and Oral Sciences” (MUSKOS)

2016-2018         Member of Department Council (Institutråd)

2011- 2014        Member of the board of the Ph.d. Graduate program of Oral Science


Other academic experience

2017-:              Associate Professor & Professor Association (APPA) – co-founder and vice-        chairman

2008- 2013:     Young Scientist Club-Odontology (YSCO) – co-founder.



2018-:                 IAOP 2020 Organising Committee

2018-:                 Member of the EAOM Board, Region 2 Representative (Scandinavia, Baltic countries and Russia)

2013 -:                General Secretary of Scandinavian Fellowship for Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine (SFOPOM) elected for 4 years.

2011-                  Author of ” Mundhule og tænder” and “Odontologisk Medicinvejledning” at, Dansk Lægemiddel Information A/S) appointed by the Danish Dental Association

2008-2010         Referee on ” Mundhule og tænder” at, Dansk Lægemiddel Information A/S) appointed by the Danish Dental Association


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