Cæcilie Hansen

Cæcilie Hansen

PhD fellow

I am in the middle of my PhD project, which investigates how professional relational competence kan look like for general practitioners. I work here at the Center for General Practice, but come from the Department for Nordic Studies and Linguistics, where I got my Master's degree in Psychology of Language; my thesis explored communication in the doctor-patient relationship.

Before starting my PhD, I was a research assistant on a project investigating the consequences of introducing a user's fee for professional interpretation in Danish health care meetings. My specific interest in this regard was mututal understanding between the doctor and patient, and how the establishment of such understanding is challenged without a professional interpreter present.
I have also done research on interactional interview methods, specifically case and activity based focus groups and video-sitmulated recall interviews (VSRI).

My primary interests are intersubjectitivy in conversation, doctor-patient relationships, conversational analysis (CA), mentalization, qualitative methodology, and psychology of laguage in all its forms.



I teach Course in Introduction to the Patient on the 1st semester of Bachelor's in Medicine.

ID: 255572321