Brian Lohse

Brian Lohse

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

Research interest

- Research and development of peptide-based antivenoms (SERPENTIDES), against snake venom.

- Design and synthesis of mechanism based inhibitors against snake toxins.

- Phage Display technology (peptide- and antibody-based libraries)



I'm currently teaching all levels within the University educations: Ph.D.-Courses, Master courses and Bachelor courses.

Project supervision of Postdoc's, Ph.d.-, Master and Bachelor students

Fields of interest

Research interests

- Venomous snakes and their toxins as compound tools, anticancer agents and medical targets.

- Research and Development of antivenom and biopharmaceuticals.

- Assay development and drug delivery systems (liposomes and dendrimers).

- Enzymes (epigenetic modifiers), fluorescence techniques and photochemistry.

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