Beate Conrady

Beate Conrady

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

Beate Conrady is the leader of the Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Animal Health Economics Group (TIPTON Group) at the University of Copenhagen:

see: TIPTON Group

The primary focus of Beate Conrady’s research is to support decision-making within the contingency planning of veterinary public health authorities. This includes the implementation of effective and efficient prevention and/or intervention measures against infectious agents with special emphasis on developing modern inference and simulation computational mathematical epidemiology and economic models. She provides research evidence for resource planning for German, Austrian and Danish authorities depending on the epidemiological situation.

She is part of international committees such as DISCONTOOLS (development of new DISease CONtrol TOOLS (diagnostics, vaccines and pharmaceuticals) and reduce the burden of animal diseases), the Government board, and the scientific committee of Med-Vet-Net-Association in the field of zoonoses and antimicrobial resistance in Europe as well as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA: from 2015-2017). She performed consultancy work for the Austrian Government during the COVID pandemic (2020-2021), developed sampling and COVID test result recording strategies as well as big data analysis for Hygiene Technologie Kompetenzzentrum GmbH, Bamberg, Germany. She collaborates with FAO of the United Nations in terms of disease preparedness to support authorities and she is also part of the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Austria.

Beate Conrady has participated in and led consortia that attracted funding for research on more than 14 Mio Euro, with more than 3 Mio Euro own raised third-party funds. This includes Horizon 2020 Projects, One Health EJPs financed by the European Commission, LOA contracts with FAO as well as National Public and Private Projects funded by, for example, the Ministry of Health, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Production tax funds, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Beate Conrady's collaboration with private (e.g. SEGES Innovation P/S) and public institutions resulted in more than 65 scientific publications since 2014. She collaborated with more than 250 co-authors located in more than 30 countries.

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