Anne Sofie Tegner Anker

Anne Sofie Tegner Anker

PhD Student

In my PhD project, which is funded by the ROCKWOOL Foundation, I use quantitative methods and Danish administrative data to examine the intersection between crime, incarceration and family. I study intergenerational patterns in criminal offending along with the prevalence and consequences of paternal incarceration. I expect to finish the dissertation in December 2020.

In the fall of 2018, I taught a course called “Design-based Research in Criminology”, which provided students with a framework for understanding and estimating causal effects together with theory and empirical examples drawn from the criminological field.

My key areas of interest are:

  • Criminology and penal policy
  • Intergenerational transmission
  • Family instability
  • Quantitative methods
  • Causal inference

ID: 40646878