Anne Østrup

Anne Østrup

teaching assistant

Anne Østrup’s PhD dissertation concerns international law conceptions of state identity, state continuity, state succession and state extinction in light of international practice since 1945.

Anne Østrup’s primary areas of interest are general public international law, specifically the concept of statehood, state creation and extinction, state identity and continuity, state succession and territory. She also works with cultural heritage law in a national and international law perspective. National Danish law topics includes protection of listed buildings, sites and monuments, protection of churches, export of cultural property and illegal trade in cultural property). In an international law context, her areas of interest include protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict, illicit trade in cultural property, protection of underwater cultural heritage and safeguarding of intangible cultural property.

Anne Østrup teaches public international law at both the Master’s and Bachelor’s level. She is a member of the Centre for International Law and Justice. 

ID: 4051678