Anette Gravgaard Christensen
Anette Gravgaard Christensen

PhD fellow

Urban green communities and collaborative planning of urban green spaces

The purpose of the phd-project is to analyze the civil engagement in, and the collaborative planning of, urban green spaces in Denmark. It is the starting point of the project, that the interest in new types of more dialogue and cooperation-based planning and maintenance of urban green spaces has grown in recent years as specific partnerships and projects grow between municipalities, private landowners, foundations, voluntary associations and citizens. At the same time a steadily increasing number of more short-lived and ad-hoc grass-root initiatives and voluntary forms in the field raises particular questions about how a more stable and organized civil engagement can be promoted.

The project will investigate the voluntary engagement that occurs in civil society-driven and municipality-initiated urban green projects in smaller, medium and larger Danish cities. The purpose is to gain deeper insight into the new partnerships that are emerging around a more collaborative urban planning of green spaces. It is sought to highlight the possibilities and barriers that these new initiatives create in practice, to give committed citizens and civil society a greater voice in the design and maintenance of urban green spaces, and uphold long-term strategic dialogue and collaboration across civil, private and municipal stakeholders. On the theoretical level the project aims to integrate the set of empirical case studies of collaborative planning of urban green spaces around the analytical umbrella of French pragmatic sociology, specifically Laurent Thévenot's ‘sociology of engagements and commonality’.

Primary fields of research

 Environmental sociology, urban sociology, urban planning, french pragmatism, urban green communities

ID: 183889009