Aneesh Thakur

Aneesh Thakur

Assistant professor

Immune system plays a vital role in disease protection and therefore drug delivery approaches founded on immunology hold great potential for the development of novel therapeutic and prophylactics against infectious diseases and cancer. Our current research work towards this goal involves three complementary themes: (i) nanoparticle-based formulation strategies to enhance efficacy of subunit and nucleic acid-based vaccines and therapies, (ii) non-invasive vaccine/drug delivery through the mucosa, and (iii) image-guided targeted vaccine/drug delivery, all focused on creating new therapies based on controlled modulation of the immune system. We investigate topics at the interface of immunology, targeted drug delivery, nanotechnology, and imaging to address important health problems that are intractable from a unidisciplinary approach.

Current research projects include:

Imaging-assisted design of subunit tuberculosis vaccine for inhalation

Developing an mRNA technology platform for delivery and manufacture of next-gen vaccines

Rational design of novel nanoparticles for controlled delivery of nucleic acids (siRNA, mRNA)

Interaction of particulate vaccine adjuvants with immune cells and tissues following mucosal delivery

ID: 154265718