Andreas Christopher Kretschmann

Andreas Christopher Kretschmann

Guest researcher


The current research project investigates the enantioselective endocrine disrupting effects of emerging contaminants in humans and the environment. Recent studies report the detection of a large number of xenobiotic chemicals, like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, personal care products, and industrial chemicals, in surface and ground water. The effects and the risk of these compounds, particularly when occurring as a mixture, are largely unknown. Furthermore, several of these emerging contaminants are chiral, i.e., they occur as mixtures of their stereoisomers (enantiomers). Although similar in their physico-chemical properties, enantiomers can differ hugely in their activities towards biological systems and cause different effects, as it is well known for pharmaceuticals. Nevertheless, chirality is a hardly considered aspect in risk assessment of emerging contaminants. The goal of my work is to elucidate the importance of chirality in the effect assessment of particularly pharmaceuticals and pesticides. Hereby, the focus is on enantioselective endocrine disrupting effects in humans, which are analyzed with in vitro and in vivo test systems. For further information please contact:



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ID: 34256493