André Chwalibog

André Chwalibog

Professor emeritus

André Chwalibog Born 1947 in Gdansk (Poland), Danish citizen, R

Education Master of Zootechnical Engineering, 1971

University of Agriculture, Faculty of Animal Science,

Warsaw, Poland

Scientific degree

1985 DSc.(agric) from The Royal Veterinary and

Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark


1972_1974 Research associate, PhD student, Polish Academy of


1974_1975 FAO postgraduate fellowship, National Institute of

Animal Science, Copenhagen

1975_1976 Research officer, University of Hohenheim,

Department of Animal Nutrition, Germany

1976_1980 Research officer, National Institute of Animal

Science, Department of Animal Physiology and

Biochemistry, Copenhagen

1980_1985 Senior scientist, as above

1985_1995 Associate Professor (lektor), Department of Animal

Science and Animal Health, The Royal Veterinary and

Agricultural University (KVL), Copenhagen

1991 Fulbright professor at University of California, USA

1999 Invited professor at Utsunomiya University, Japan

2005,7 Invited professor at Warsaw University of Life

Sciences, Poland

1995-2010 Professor of animal nutrition, Head of Division of

Nutrition, KVL (now University of Copenhagen)

2010- Head of Division of Physiology and Nutrition,

Department of Veterinary Clinical and Animal

Sciences, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences,

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2015- Visiting professor at Warsaw University of Life

Sciences, Poland

Nomination to the Knight of the Dannebrog Order in 2008

Appointed Doctor Honoris cause from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in 2019


Scientific work

Research activities have been devoted to several aspects of nutrition and

physiology. Major activities have concerned energy and protein

metabolism in different animal species and humans. These include energy

and nutrient metabolism under different genetic and environmental


conditions, during growth, reproduction and lactation; Evaluation of

energy and protein utilization and requirements; Feed evaluation;

Mathematical models of nutrient and energy metabolism; Substrate

oxidation and utilization for gluconeogenesis, lipogenesis and protein

turnover; Metabolic programming; Application of nanotechnology in

nutrition and tumour therapy. Investigations have been performed at

cellular, tissue and whole body levels, both in vitro and in vivo. Major

methods have been nutrient and energy balances, indirect calorimetry,

stable isotopes, and histological, microscopic, immunological and

molecular techniques.


I have supervised 40 master students, 20 PhD and postdoc students and

co-supervised numerous Phd and postdocs. At present I supervise three

PhDs and co-supervise five PhDs and postdocs.

Managing experience

Head of Division of Physiology and Nutrition (35 employees).

Leader of Centre of Experimental Nutrition and Physiology with the main

objective to strengthen the quality of research and education within the

field by optimizing utilization of collective resources and qualifications

between University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University and associated

foreign partners. Leader of the Instrument Centre for Indirect Calorimetry

and Stable Isotopes. Leader of Postgraduate Programme in Veterinary

and Animal Sciences, at present 45 PhD students. Coordinator of several

national and international research projects. Member of expert panels for

evaluation of research projects by Danish, Swedish, Norwegian Research

Councils and European Commission for Food Safety. Evaluator of research

project from Belgium, Israel, Sweden, South Africa, Poland, Ireland,

Kazakhstan, Qatar and Russia.

Membership The Nutritional Society (UK)

The World's Poultry Science Association

European Association for Animal Production

European College of Veterinary Nutrition)

Japanese Society of Animal Sciences

Research Council of Polish Academy of Science

Editorial Boards 1st Editor of Proceedings Nutritional Society, Archives

of Animal Nutrition, Animal Science Journal, Acta

Veterinaria Scandinavica, South African Journal of

Animal Science, Annals UMCS, Annals WULF

Journal reviewer Referee of peer review journals of animal and

veterinary sciences; biochemistry, physiology,

human nutrition, biotechnology and molecular

sciences; nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology.


Publications A total 450, out of which 224 peer reviewed, 43 books and

compendia, 171 abstracts and extended abstracts. H-index 33, i10-index

121, citations 3963 (Google Scholar).

Recent 2014-15 peer review publications

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