Anders Woetmann Andersen

Anders Woetmann Andersen


Member of:


    Anders Woetmann (born 1967)                                                                                           

    Work address: ISIM, Panum Institute 22.5.40 phone: 3532-7754



    Academic Examinations, degrees ect

    2015      Professor, University of Copenhagen

    2009      Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

    2004      PhD., University of Copenhagen

    1998      M.Sc., University of Copenhagen



    2016-                   Head of Studies: Master of Immunology and Inflammation.

    2015-                   Professor MSO, ISIM, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen

    2012-                   Associate professor, ISIM, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen

    2009-2011           Associate professor, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen

    2005-                   Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen

    2004-                   Assistant Professor, Institute for Medical Microbiology and Immunology,          University of Copenhagen

    ­2000-                   PhD student at University of Copenhagen

    1998-                   Research fellow at University of Copenhagen


    Publications and patents (May 2018):

    Author of 93 papers published in international peer-reviewed journals.

    Google Scholar: 3357 citations, H-index=32. Scopus: 2545 citations, H-index=27. Web of Science: 2389 citations, H-index=26.

    Co-owner of patent number: WO2013011378-A1 and pending patent: P017300DK1.


    Research interests:

    Biology of skin immunity, inflammatory skin disorders, immune regulation, signal transduction, drug development, tumor immunology & biology, microbiota-immune system interactions


    Science administration:

    Member of the expert panel for biomedical sciences in the Icelandic research foundation (RANNIS). Editor for Nature Scientific Reports. Editor for APMIS.




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