Anders Gade

Anders Gade


Research fields

Areas of interest include neuropsychological methodology (including test standardization), amnesia, dementia, neuropsychological deficits in neurological and psychiatric patient groups, functional neuroimaging, social cognition.
Current research: Depression; basal ganglia disorders (Tourette syndrome and Huntingtons disease).


Research group memberships

Internal: Neuropsychology research group

Danish collaboration: Memory Disorders Research Unit, National Hospital. Department of Psychiatry, National Hospital. Dept. of Pediatrics, Herlev Hospital.

International collaboration: Member of Frontotemporal Research in Jutland Association (FReJA). Dr. Scott Wylie, Nashville, TN.


Research: brief description

See selected publications below.


Current research projects

Cognitive impairment in remitted major depression; Effects of four weeks of SSRI on social cognitive measures in normal subjects. Fluency switching and alternating fluency as an early sign in premanifest Huntington disease; Impulsivity studied with the Simon task in Huntington disease and in Tourette syndrome.



Clinical neuropsychology, neuropsychology and neurobiology of psychiatric disorders, clinical neuroscience



About 70 peer-reviewed publications in international journals, of which 56 are listed in Medline. Four books (3 edited). About 40 book chapters.

Selected titles:

Gade, A. (1982). Amnesia after operations on aneurysms of the anterior communicating artery. Surgical Neurology, 18, 46-49.

Gade, A. & Mortensen, E. L. (1990). Temporal gradient in the remote memory impairment of amnesic patients with lesions in the basal forebrain. Neuropsychologia, 28, 985-1001.

Mortensen, E. L. & Gade, A. (1993). On the relation between demographic variables and neuropsychological test performance. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 34, 305-317.

Gade, A. (1997). Hjerneprocesser. Kognition og neurovidenskab.  København: Frydenlund Grafisk (pp. 580).

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Larsen, I. U., Vinther-Jensen, T., Gade, A., Nielsen, J. E., & Vogel, A. (2015). Do I misconstrue? Sarcasm detection, emotion recognition, and Theory of Mind in Huntington disease. Neuropsychology.

Gade, A., Kristoffersen, M., & Kessing, L. V. (2015). Neuroticism in remitted major depression: Elevated with early onset but not late onset of depression. Psychopathology (in press).

ID: 7966