Amanda Lee Shapiro

Amanda Lee Shapiro

PhD Student

  • PhD programme

    Karen Blixens Plads 16, 5C Bygning 5C (Afsnit 3), Building: 5C-2-25

    2300 København S

    Phone: +4535331388Mobile: +4552761457

Amanda’s research project studies the use of artificial intelligence in health care, and its implications for discrimination against women, people of colour, and vulnerable communities. It examines the prevalence of algorithmic bias and data bias in healthcare data and systems and focuses on the use and regulation (or lack thereof) of such technologies in a healthcare context in the United States and Denmark, and examines the European Union as a regulatory framework.

Amanda's legal career and research have focused on civil rights (particularly gender and race discrimination and reproductive rights), human rights, employment law, labour law, education law, constitutional law, international law, criminal law, and health law.

ID: 247670566