Alexander Sebastian Hauser

Alexander Sebastian Hauser



2019: PhD in "Computational receptor biology - Data science approaches to physiological ligand discovery, G protein selectivity and pharmacogenomics”, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Suppervisor: Professor David Gloriam (5 mo. parental leave).

2015: MSc in Molecular Medicine (comp. profile), University of Münster, Germany
2013: BSc in Biosciences, University of Münster, Germany



2019-: Postdoc (5-year funding, ~6 mo. parental leave) at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology in collaboration with iPSYCH with the project “Advancing personalised medicine for psychiatric diseases through integrative GPCR pharmacogenomics"

2019-: Postdoc part-time employment at the Institute of Biological Psychiatry (Roskilde)/ iPSYCH

2019-: Core member and communication officer of the Personalised Medicine cluster

2019-: Member of the Cluster for GPCR function and drug discovery
2018-: Early Career Committee member of the European Research Network ‘GLISTEN’ and
ERNEST’ EUcost actions.


2017: Sabbatical 5-month research visit at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB), Cambridge, UK in the group of Madan Babu working on natural variation data form 60,000 individuals

2016-17: President of CBioVikings, RSG ISCB

2015: Research Assistant with Prof. David Gloriam, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2014: Masters's thesis “Determination of orphan receptor physiological peptide agonists by a novel evolutionary fingerprint method” (David Gloriam), University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2014: Internship “virtual screening, molecular modeling and peptide docking” (Dr. Björn Windshügel), European Screening Port GmbH (Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology, IME), Hamburg, Germany

2012: Research exchange “Investigation and design of methionine aminopeptidase inhibitors using 3D-QSAR and molecular docking“, University of Hyderabad, India 

2011: Research exchange in Helsinki, Finland

Awards & honors

2020: Bayer Pharmaceuticals Promotionspreis (award lecture postponed to 2021)
2019: Hans Christian Ørsted forskertalentpriser (scientist talent award)

2018: Faculty nomination for Lundbeck’s Young Talent Prize

2016: 1st prize ISCB Wikipedia Computational Biology competition - including invitation to the international ISCB conference in Florida, USA

2016: 2nd prize ISCB WikiData competition

2015: Dedicated 4-month scholarship for master’s project extension

2015: ERASMUS+-Traineeship

2013-15: scholarship award student in the German ”National Scholarship Programme” (top 2% only)

2014: PROMOS scholarship for studying in Denmark

2012: Research scholarship ‘A new passage to India’ by DAAD

2011: ERASMUS scholarship for research semester in Helsinki, Finland


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