Alexander Sebastian Hauser

Alexander Sebastian Hauser

Associate Professor


2019: PhD in "Computational receptor biology - Data science approaches to physiological ligand discovery, G protein selectivity and pharmacogenomics”, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Suppervisor: Professor David Gloriam (5 mo. parental leave).

2015: MSc in Molecular Medicine (comp. profile), University of Münster, Germany
2013: BSc in Biosciences, University of Münster, Germany


2022-: Associate Professor in Drug-related Data Science

2021-2022:Assistant Professor Pharmacogenomics

2019-2021: Postdoc (~8 mo. parental leave) at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology in collaboration with iPSYCH with the project “Advancing personalised medicine for psychiatric diseases through integrative GPCR pharmacogenomics"

2019-2020: Postdoc part-time employment at the Institute of Biological Psychiatry (Roskilde)/ iPSYCH

2022-: Lundbeck Foundation Investigator Network (LFIN)

2019-: Core member and communication officer of the Personalised Medicine cluster

Positions of trust

2021– EU-cost action Work Group Leader for “Macromolecular interactions in signaling pathways”

2021– Member of the Dansk selskab for Personlig Medicin

2020 Member of the PharmaDataScience team

2019– Core member in Personalised Medicine Cluster (ILF, UCPH) Communication Officer

2015 2019 President and board member, CBioVikings – International Society for Computational Biology; networking platform and learning opportunity for bioinformaticians and computational biologists in the Copenhagen area.

201920 ERNEST EU-cost action early career-scientist committee member

2017–18 GLISTEN EU-cost action early career-scientist committee member

2018– Peer reviewer for 10 scientific journals


2017: Sabbatical 5-month research visit at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB), Cambridge, UK in the group of Madan Babu working on natural variation data form 60,000 individuals

2016-17: President of CBioVikings, RSG ISCB

2015: Research Assistant with Prof. David Gloriam, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2014: Masters's thesis “Determination of orphan receptor physiological peptide agonists by a novel evolutionary fingerprint method” (David Gloriam), University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2014: Internship “virtual screening, molecular modeling and peptide docking” (Dr. Björn Windshügel), European Screening Port GmbH (Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology, IME), Hamburg, Germany

2012: Research exchange “Investigation and design of methionine aminopeptidase inhibitors using 3D-QSAR and molecular docking“, University of Hyderabad, India 

2011: Research exchange in Helsinki, Finland

Awards & honors

2021: Bachem AtPS runner-up award for peptide science

2020: Bayer Pharmaceuticals Promotionspreis

2018: Faculty nomination for Lundbeck’s Young Talent Prize

2016: 1st prize ISCB Wikipedia Computational Biology competition - including invitation to the international ISCB conference in Florida, USA

2016: 2nd prize ISCB WikiData competition

2015: Dedicated 4-month scholarship for master’s project extension

2015: ERASMUS+-Traineeship

2013-15: scholarship award student in the German ”National Scholarship Programme” (top 2% only)

2014: PROMOS scholarship for studying in Denmark

2012: Research scholarship ‘A new passage to India’ by DAAD

2011: ERASMUS scholarship for research semester in Helsinki, Finland



Associate Professor

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