Alejandro Aguayo Orozco

Alejandro Aguayo Orozco


Alejandro completed his MS.c degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2015 and handed his PhD dissertation in 2019 in Systems Biology in Søren Brunak’s group (Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen). He continued his work in the same research as a postdoctoral researcher.

Since the beginning of his PhD, his focus has been centered  around the development and improvement of precision medicine, and the discovery of mechanisms of action in pharmacological and toxicological effects of pharmaceutical drugs and environmental compounds. Alejandro has been involved since 2016 in an EU Horizon 2020 funded project (EU-ToxRisk), where he used the power of omics technologies for the identification of Adverse Outcome Pathways and to define the mechanisms of actions in adverse effects.  

Alejandro has also been involved in an Innovation Fund Denmark funded project, BigTempHealth, where he focuses on the analysis of patient health records and medicinal data in order to explain the effect of drug cocktails (polypharmacy) in Adverse Drug Reactions.

In the NNF Challenge grant, Alejandro makes use of a broad variety of health registries for understanding diabetes and its progression.

His work with the different health registries and their integration with omics data, aims at enhancing the research translation from in silico to the clinic, by improving our knowledge on precision medicine.

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