Christina Jensen
Christina Jensen

PhD Student

Christina Jensen is currently a PhD student at BRIC, University of Copenhagen and at Nordic Bioscience in Herlev. The project is conducted at Nordic Bioscience, where she is working with quantification of extracellular matrix turnover in cancer as a proposed precision medicine tool. Christina holds a BSc and a MSc in Molecular Medicine from Aarhus University, with a specialization in immunology.  

Current research

Non-invasive quantification of extracellular matrix turnover in cancer. 
To generate non-invasive biomarkers reflecting desmoplasia and extracellular matrix remodeling associated with a pro-cancerous niche and response to anti-tumor modalities. 
Develop novel biomarker assays (ELISA) focusing on desmoplasia and interstitial matrix turnover in relation to tumorgenesis. 

ID: 173691030