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Scaling Individuals to Populations (SLIP) deals with Fisheries Biology and Modelling. SLIP links researchers interested in understanding how the biology of individuals influences the behaviour of populations. The network combines the development of spatial and individual based models of fish stocks with research on the behaviour of the individual fish. SLIP offers Ph.D. courses on topics such as multispecies fisheries models; stochastic modelling; fish physiology and habitat selection; and conservation genetics. Workshops will be arranged on e.g. individual based models, biological-physical interactions in the plankton and the influence of climate on population processes.


The SLIP Network and its associated Ph.D. school focus on how the biology of individuals influences the dynamics of populations. The objective of the network is to work towards a coherent mathematical and biological framework in which individual behaviour, group dynamics and population dynamics can be described.

The Head of SLIP is Professor Henrik Gialason

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