Literature and Reconciliation in a Transoceanic Perspective

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Emilie Dybdal - Organizer

Kirsten Thisted - Organizer

Emilie Dybdal - Speaker

Organisering af seminaret "Literature and Reconciliation in a Transoceanic Perspective" inkl. præsentation.

The seminar is an exchange between three projects, which deal with reconciliation between indigenous/enslaved populations and settler states/former colonial powers. All three projects focus on fiction, considering authors and works of fiction as significant actors in cultural memory.

At the seminar, Hanna Teichler (Goethe University Frankfurt) will present her project "Carnivalizing Reconciliation: Contemporary Australian and Canadian Literature and Film Beyond the Victim Paradigm", Mads Anders Baggesgaard (AU) will present the project "Authoring Slavery: Authorship and Agency in Narratives of Slavery in Ghana", and Emilie Dybdal (KU) will present the project "Between Pride and Shame: Postcolonial Renegotiations of Greenland as Part of Danish Cultural Heritage". The three presentations are followed by a roundtable discussion between the presenters and guests. What are the most urgent questions for this kind of research here and now? Stuart Hall warns that a power-free universe is unattainable, because with the breaking of one silence, a new one easily arises. Based on the same line of thinking, David Scott is less interested in specific answers to the questions of a given time than in what question space a given time opens up: What questions are we concerned with, and what questions is it even possible to ask? Mathias Danbolt (KU) chairs the discussion. Guests: Mette Sandbye (KU), Martyn Richard Bone (KU) and Anne Green Munk (AU).
16 Nov 2023


SeminarLiterature and Reconciliation in a Transoceanic Perspective
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