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John Fleng Steffensen - Member

  • Marine Biology
Danish Network for Fisheries and Aquaculture Research 

FISHNET is a network of Danish Fisheries and Aquaculture scientists.

It coordinates the activities within five research networks:

FAME: Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Economics

FIBP: Fish Physiology, Biochemistry and Food

MAST: Research School for Studies in Marine and Coastal Environment, Heritage and Sustainable Tourism

SCOFDA: Sustainable Control of Fish Diseases in Aquaculture

SLIP: Fisheries Biology and Modelling. Scaling from Individuals to Populations

FISHNET aims to enhance the visibility and quality of Danish fisheries and aquaculture research through improved collaboration and communication.

FISHNET also aims to improve the recruitment and training of PhD students through networks and research schools providing high quality courses, seminars and workshops.

FISHNET presently connects more than 100 fisheries and aquaculture scientists from Danish universities. In addition to the homepage, FISHNET organises joint courses, seminars, workshops and conferences.

FISHNET is supported by the Danish Research Agency.


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