David E. Gloriam

David E. Gloriam


2006: Ph.D. in Medicine, Uppsala University (for PhD-age subtract 8 mo. parental leave)
2003: M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Uppsala University

2022-: Part-time position at Kvantify A/S
2019-: Professor in Computational Receptor Biology, Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology (DDP) and Center for Health Data Science at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH)
2011-: Associate Professor and Group Leader, DDP
2008-11: Postdoc, DDP
2007-08: Postdoc, GlaxoSmithKline, Harlow, UK
2006-08: Postdoc, EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK (2nd year 25%)

Awards & honors
2022 Highly cited researcher, top 1% in cross-field, Clarivate

2022 Second best structure model in global competition, ‘GPCR Dock’ (NPY1)
2021 Lars Arge prize for big data from the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
2019 Admitted to the UCPH Forward Talent Program (only 24 seats for the entire University)
2019: Lundbeck Foundation Ascending Investigator (DKK 5M)
2018: Novo Nordisk Foundation Hallas-Møller Ascending Investigator (DKK 10M)
2015: ERC Starting Grant (€ 1.5M)
2014: Lundbeck Foundation Fellow (DKK 10M)
2013: 1st place in the international GPCR Dock competition (best 5-HT1B receptor model)
2005: First-authored the most downloaded article of the year in BBA - General Subjects

2013-: Head of GPCRdb – the main online research infrastructure in the GPCR field
2019-20, 2014-17 Management Committee member, EU COST Actions ‘ERNEST & ‘GLISTEN
The first two at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and the remaining at DDP.
2020-: Steering group member in the Center for Health Data Science
2018-20: Committee member of the Data Science Lab
2019-: Head of the Research Cluster for GPCR function and drug discovery
2019-: Head of a Research leadership forum (part of Career and skills development forum)
2018-: Chairperson of a Data Science Core Team
2016-: Chairperson, 4 PhD Assessment Committees (+1 abroad)
2018: Member of Strategy and reorganisation committees
2017: Member of Career and recruitment work group
2022 EMBO Solutions – Laboratory Leadership for Group Leaders (3 days)
2020 EMBO Solutions course on negotiation for scientists
2019 Talent Programme ‘UPCH Forward’ (10 mo., led by previous leaders of Centres of Excellence)
2016- Mentoring by three leaders of centres in drug discovery, structural biology or data science
2016 Leadership coaching by Mobilize Strategy Consulting (5 half-day sessions, 1 book)
2012 Diploma in Research Management, CBS Executive (9 days, 2 books)

Selected scientific and academic activities
2015-: Grant evaluator for 5 Foundation/councils, e.g. ETH Zurich Research Commission and ERC
2014-: Corresponding member, Intl. Union of Pharmacology Nomenclature Committee
2012-: Evaluated 5 application for foundations and councils, incl. ERC, NWO, FWO,
2007-: Invited speaker at >30 international conferences
2007-: Peer-reviewer for 23 intl. journals (including 4 Nature articles)
2016-19: Editor of Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group)
2011/15 Editor of special issues in Current Opinion in Pharmacology / Medicinal Chemistry

Research education

2008-: ~168 h/year teaching of MSc, PhD and industry professionals (if including MSc supervision)
2011- Main supervisor of (current/alumni): PhD (2/8), Postdocs (4/6) & ass prof (1/3)
Pedagogic training
2012: 2-day PhD supervision course
2008: 250 h university pedagogy course “Higher education teaching” (Dk: Adjunktpædagogikum

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