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Prize papers 2018

Prize papers for 2018

At the Annual Commemoration Ceremony on 17 November 2017, the University announced the subjects of the prize papers for 2018.

The papers must be received by the dean´s office at the faculty in question by
12:00 noon on Tuesday, 15 January 2019.

The medals will be awarded at the Annual Commemoration Ceremony on
Friday, 15 November 2019.

Prize papers for 2018 by faculty:

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Drug Metabolism and Development of CNS Active Compounds
Drug metabolism is primarily associated with enzymatic processes in the liver. But within the last decade evidence has accumulated that drug metabolism is important also in other parts of the organism, e.g. concerning CNS active compounds and, accordingly, should be considered in development of new or improved CNS active drugs. The prize paper should elaborate on the relationships between the enzymes and transporters important for CNS active drug compounds. Furthermore the paper should include an evaluation of how these enzymes and transporters eventually can be regulated in order to obtain improved therapeutic effect, i.e. primarily by reducing possible risk factors. The prize paper should include a critical literature survey with specific suggestions on how to secure that considerations concerning drug metabolism is included in the early stages of the drug development process.
Supervisor: Professor Flemming Steen Jørgensen (

Oral health status and dental treatment needs in elderly people in Denmark in the coming decades.
For some years to come the number of older people in Denmark will continue to grow. Simultaneously the proportion of elderly with their own teeth will increase. Since a large number of risk factors for dental diseases are associated with age the need for dental treatment in the elderly population will grow significantly in the future. In this prize paper a description of the expectations of the demographics of the elderly in Denmark, their oral health status and their need for dental treatment in the coming decades are required. Special emphasis should be give the description of the group of self-reliant elderly and the group of weak elderly who can’t take care of themselves and who are institutionalized. Based on the knowledge about those groups should be the foundation of a description of the challenges the established dental care delivery system faces. Finally, a qualified bid for how the dental care services should develop in Denmark in the next couple of decades in order to effectively meet the needs of the elderly allowing the elderly to have oral health care that enable them to maintain well-functioning and symptom-free teeth throughout their lives. This prize paper should consist of a critical literary review, if possible supplemented by own studies.
Supervisor: Head of School of Oral Health Care, Bo Danielsen (

Saliva as a diagnostic tool
This prize paper should include an investigation on the interaction between certain psychological factors present in patients with primary Sjögren’s syndrome and their reflection in the presence of salivary biomarkers. There should be a specific focus on to what extend personality traits are related to stress, anxiety and depression or whether these conditions and their consequences in terms of cognitive impairment and reduction in quality of life, are more likely a consequence of the Sjögren’s syndrome itself. This prize paper should include a critical review on the literature, and if possible supplemented by own clinical and laboratory studies.
Supervisor: Professor Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen (

Faculty of Humanities

Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies

German workers and employees in Denmark – their situation and role on the Danish labor market.

Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics

Centre for Studies in Danish as a Second and Foreign Language
Taking the strategy of Labour Market Oriented Language Education in Danish as the point of departure, we ask for an analysis of the challenges the organization of Danish Language Education present to newcomers in Denmark.

Linguistics Teachers

1. Taking as its point of departure the corpus ‘Hverdagens skriftsprog’ (ordinary written language): The prize essay is to give an account of variation in modern written Danish, if possible based on supplementary data collection and an analysis of textual genres which are either not at all, or just weakly, represented in the corpus mentioned above.

2. An investigation of Danish language which integrates an economic perspective is wanted. The investigation may focus on Danish language as an object with market value, an object worth investing in, an object which is used to create value in the value chain or an object which is necessary (or the opposite) in order to become employed. Other areas or problems might be in focus. The prize essay may be written from the perspective of Danish as a first language, as well as Danish as a second language.

Media Culture & Cross Media Analysis
Nordic Television Series & Cross-media Analysis
An analysis of the significance and functionality of cross-media for a Nordic television series in a Danish media cultural context, with particular reference to the role of social media. The thesis may focus on a theoretically informed analysis and/or an empirical study.

Centre for Interaction Research and Communication Design

1. This thesis should present an analysis of the self understanding and the routinised practice among both new and more experienced communication consultants. The aim is to answer the research question: How does the good and effective communication consultant think and act in practice?

2. This thesis should present an analysis of the self understanding and the routinised practice among both new and more experienced communication consultants. The aim is to answer the research question: How does the good and effective communication consultant think and act in practice?

We would like an examination of the latest communication technologies such as telepresence robots and virtual reality glasses as situated and practical tool's for collaboration. How, for example, does the tech. affect the personal relationship when professionals interact via telepresent robots? There should be a multimodal micro-analysis of the interaction between professionals from different locations through latest mobile communications technology.

An investigation of an unsolved historical-phonological problem within one or more branches of the Indo-European language family seen in a relation to the morphological analysis of the relevant material.

Textual Scholarship
What is wanted is a characterization and a philological investigation of Frederik Sneedorff’s letters from ‘a Danish traveller’ in Europe (1791-92) in preparation for a new critical edition.

Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

Arabic, Islam and Islam Studies
A specifically Danish tradition of the Islamic sermon? An analysis and discussion of Arab or Turkish sermons in selected Danish mosques.
Supervision: Professor Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen  

Sociology of Religion
Present a study of the construction of the authority in one or more selected Danish mosques.
Supervision: Associate Professor Brian Jacobsen

The Saxo Institute

Personalized Medicine
An ethnological analysis and discussion of challenges and perspectives in the current focus on and investments in ’personalized medicine’. The paper can take form of either a theoretical analysis and discussion of related concepts like the concept of personhood or responsibility or/and the paper can include and utilize ethnographic material.

The Climate in Everyday Life
An ethnological analysis of ways to deal with climate-related issues and changes in the practices of everyday life, for example in the areas of clothing and fashion, housing and household and/or production and natural resources. The analysis can be based on etnographic material and may include contemporary as well as cultural-historical perspectives.

Greek Female characters in Homer
A narratological analysis of the depiction of female characters in Homer’s Odyssey and/or Iliad

Latin Poetry from a Performance Perspective
An analysis of relations between poet, performance, audience, aesthetics and historical/social contexts in a period or genre of Latin poetry


Faculty of Law

Jurisprudence A:
The Procedural Rules of the European Court of Human Rights
Decisions from the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) have significant impact on legal developments in the Member States. Yet, the procedural rules of the ECtHR have not been subject to legal research in the same way as its case law. From the perspective of fair trial and legal certainty, the question is how the procedural rules of the ECtHR may differ from those followed by domestic courts or possibly other international courts, and how such differences may affect the jurisprudence of the ECHR.
Contacts: Professors Mikael Rask Madsen ( and Mads Bryde Andersen (

Jurisprudence B:
Court precedents as a legal source in private law
A substantial part of Danish and Nordic private law builds upon unwritten legal principles which are now and then confirmed by court precedents. After the Danish Supreme Court has taken the role as “precedent court”, court practice has become increasingly important in private law. The question now is how court precedents may serve as legal sources in Danish private law. It may be advisable to include the Nordic legal family in the study.
Contact: Professor Mads Bryde Andersen (

Jurisprudence C:
Criminalisation of private associations and affiliations hereto
Based on a legal analysis of the concept of association, this question deals with the interplay between freedom of association, the rules on dissolution of illegal associations, and the criminalisation of affiliation. The study can be limited to, for example, the conditions for criminalising certain association related activities or to questions about sentencing.
Contact: Associate Professor Trine Baumbach (

Jurisprudence D:
Right and solidarity in international relations
Solidarity keeps different forms of communities together, including states and groups of states. This unity is ensured by different legal rules, e.g. the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Treaty of Lisbon. A number of current events (including migration, the financial crises and Brexit) have recently challenged the idea of solidarity. Thus the question arises whether – and if so, how – the legal system can respond to them. The study can either use a legal politics approach or focus on opportunities to support the idea of solidarity in the application of law, including in connection with the interpretation of the rules on free movement and the implementation of the chapter on solidarity in the EU Charter.
Contacts: Professors Helle Krunke (, Ulla Neergaard ( and Hanne Petersen (


Faculty of Science

Department of Food and Resource Economics

1Predicting corporate distress amongst Danish farms
During the past years, many Danish farms have been in financial distress, with up to 1/3 of the farms being on the brink of bankruptcy according to some sources.  An analysis of the differences between the financially distressed farms in Denmark, and those that are not, is requested with the aim of identifying predictors of financial distress for individual farms of a certain type (for example milk producers).    

Department of Chemistry

1. Atmospheric Chemistry of Nitriles – climate friendly chemicals
Greenhouse gasses are emitted from many technologies. There is a search for more climate friendly chemical compounds. Nitriles could be such a class of compounds. Before large scale production the atmospheric chemistry of these compounds must be investigated. This price essay should present own data – if possible - and discuss the limitations of the existing works and conclude the objectives that we want to achieve in future systems.

2Non-ergodic direction of photophysics: intersystem crossing in bithiophenes and internal conversion in halomethane radical cations
Non-statistical distribution of internal energy is a characteristic phenomenon in photo induced processes on the femto second timescale. It has previously been proposed that the nuclear motions immediately after light absorption determines the coupling and nature of the electronic surfaces involved in the deactivation. The study is to shed light on the importance of these phenomena in the coupling of singlet and triplet surfaces and between doublet surfaces. The approach should be experimental and has to be supported by theory.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

A theoretical or empirical investigation of a visual function or attentional process of own choice. The prize thesis can include both cognitive and neuropsychological perspectives, as well as clinical aspects.

The thesis will be supervised within the research group Cognition and Clinical Neuropsychology

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Faculty of Theology

Section for Biblical Exegesis
An overview of the research history and a critical assessment of modern theories (from the 18th century to the present) on the Qur’an’s relation to early Christian texts and milieus.
Supervisor: Professor with special responsibilities Thomas Hoffmann

Section for Church History
An investigation of the theology of Enevold Ewald (1696-1754) and its historical context, analyzed on the basis of his sermons.
Supervisor: Associate Professor Sven Rune Havsteen

Section for Systematic Theology
The Theology of Prayer.
Supervisor: Professor with special responsibilities Claudia Welz


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