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Kristian Cedervall Lauta

Kristian Cedervall Lauta

Associate Professor

Member of:

  • Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research

Primary fields of research

I work with:
  •      Natural Disasters
  •      Disaster Law
  •      Risk Regulation
  •      State of Exception
  •      Human Rights
My latest book, Disaster Law, investigates how a change in the way disasters are understood and managed affects fundamental notions of duty, responsibility and justice. My present research continues these efforts, by investigating a wide range of issues relating to law and disasters. 

I partake in a number of interdiciplinary and international projects, and are presently co-heading, together with Professor Morten Broberg, the interdiciplinary research project Changing Disasters. Find a short videopresentation of the project here

I am presently the chairman of the inter-institutional research center COPE; and part of steering committe of UCPH Sustainability Science Center.

Internationally, I am part of the Nordic Centre of Excellence NORDRESS; and co-PI of the H2020-project ESPREssO. In Spring 2017, I am a visitor at Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at University of Cambridge.  


I teach the following subjects:

  •     Existential Risks and the Law
  •     Human rights law
  •     International Public Law
  •     Disaster Law and Policy 

ID: 5302160