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Bo Dalsgaard

Bo Dalsgaard

Associate Professor

  • Natural History Museum of Denmark

    Universitetsparken 15, 2100 København Ø, 3

    Phone: +45 42 32 45 53

Current research

I have a wide interest in community ecology, ecological networks, island biogeography, macroecology and conservation. I am especially interested in geographical patterns of species interaction networks and biodiversity. A main aim is to determine how network structure and biodiversity may interrelate and be influenced by environmental factors, such as contemporary and historical climate. Most of my work focuses on mutualistic plant-animal interactions, notably hummingbird-plant interactions in the New World. This includes work on the Cuban Bee Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world. However, I also work with a wide range of other systems, for instance, island biogeography of birds and global human linguistic diversity. See also my Google Scholar Profile and Researchgate Profile. I welcome applications from prospective PhD students and postdocs wanting to work on related issues.

Editorial experience

Since 2015 member of the editorial board (Subject Editor) of Ecography and Nordic Journal of Botany.


My main collaborators are Carsten Rahbek and Jon Fjeldså (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Jens-Christian SvenningBrody Sandel and Jens Mogens Olesen (Aarhus University, Denmark), William Sutherland and Tatsuya Amano (University of Cambridge, UK), Richard G Davies (University of East Anglia - UEA, UK), Heidi Eager (University of Oxford, UK), Jeff Ollerton (University of Northampton, UK), Ana María Martín González (PEaCE Lab, Berkeley, USA), Matthias Schleuning (Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre, Germany), Daniel W. Carstensen (Universidade Estadual Paulista - UNESP, Brazil), Isabela G Varassin (Universidade Federal do Paraná - UFPR, Brazil), Paulo Eugênio Oliveira (Universidade Federal de Uberlândia) and Marlies Sazima (Universidade Estadual de Campinas - UNICAMP, Brazil). 


I am advisor for MSc-students Jesper Sonne and Louise Lehmann (University of Copenhagen), MSc-student Nadia Parkins (University of the West Indies, Jamaica), and co-advisor for PhD-students Thais Zanata (Universidade Federal do Paraná - UFPR, Brazil), Pietro Kiyoshi Maruyama and Jeferson Vizentin-Bugoni (Universidade Estadual de Campinas -  UNICAMP, Brazil). Louise works with the pollination efficiency of hummingbirds and insects on Rubiaceae plants in Dominica, West Indies. Nadia works with the pollination efficiency of various pollinators of Coffea arabica in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, West Indies. The project is in collaboration with Jamaican farmers and Oubu Coffee. Jesper, Thais, Jeferson and Pietro all work with various aspects of plant-hummingbird community structure, with a strong emphasis on their interactions with plants, in Brazil and at the macroecological scale. 

Former thesis students: 1. BSc Peter Kyvsgaard with Pietro Maruyama & Carsten Rahbek (2015, University of Copenhagen), 2. MSc Andrea Baquero with Carsten Rahbek (2014, University of Copenhagen), 3. BSc Ditlev Damhus with Carsten Rahbek (2014, University of Copenhagen), 4. MSc Miguel Cebrián with Jens M. Olesen (2009, Aarhus University), 5. BSc Ane Kirstine Brunbjerg with Jens M. Olesen (2009, Aarhus University), 6. BSc Mette Vestergaard Odgaard with Jens M. Olesen (2009, Aarhus University), 7. BSc Elna LK Mortensen with Jens M. Olesen (2008, Aarhus University), 8. BSc Vibeke H. Lund with Jens M. Olesen (2008, Aarhus University), 9. BSc Allan Timmermann with Jens M. Olesen (2007, Aarhus University), 10. BSc Laila H. Andersen with Jens M. Olesen (2007, Aarhus University), 11. BSc Sjannie Lefevre with Jens M. Olesen (2007, Aarhus University).

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