Joint research projects


Is your company, public-sector body or organisation interested in a joint research project with the top researchers in the country? Do you want to develop new products or refine existing ones? Do you need coaching from experts?

A co-funded research project with the University of Copenhagen provides access to:

  • Specialist knowledge within a specific field of research
  • An international knowledge network at the highest level
  • The University’s equipment and facilities


A research project and a new partnership has a certain cost. You can either set up a co-funded research project where the involved parties fund the entire project together. That requires more of your own funds, but on the other hand, you are not constrained by having to wait for a suitable call for project proposals from public or private foundations.

If you choose to try to obtain part of the project budget from private or public funds, there are a number of support schemes aimed at making it easier for companies and authorities to work with a university.