Invention catalogue


These are the current the inventions from the UCPH, which companies can gain access to through a licensing agreement. The presentations describe the technology, the business potential and contact information.

You are always welcome to contact the Tech Transfer Office with questions for the University's range of inventions and the process of licensing of inventions

Inventions Area
Functionalised Bioinks Biotech and Pharma
On Demand-release of Micronutrients to Plants Advanced Materials and Technologies
Novel antimicrobials to combat antibiotic resistance Gram-positive bacteria Biotech og Pharma
Novel peptide based treatment for cardiac arrhythmias Biotech og Pharma
Novel pan-cancer predictor of gamma secretase inhibitor (GSi) sensitivity Medtech and Diagnostics
Obesity targeted by a GLP-1 and NT receptor co-agonist Biotech and Pharma
Optical Magnetometry for MRI Image Improvement Medtech and Diagnostics
Predicting gamma-secretase inhibitor (GSi) responders pan-cancer Medtech and Diagnostics
Targeting FFAR1 for Diabetes Therapy Biotech and Pharma
Treatment of gastrointestinal dysbiosis Biotech and Pharma