Access to inventions


The University of Copenhagen holds a number of patented inventions with market potential. Companies can gain access to commercial use of an invention through a licensing agreement with the university. In some cases, a new company (spin-out) will be established to manage or develop an invention.

In 2018, the University of Copenhagen signed 26 licensing agreements, and six spin-out companies were set up.

Invention catalogue

The inventions at the University of Copenhagen catalogue reflect the university's broad research portfolio and spans medtech, biotechnology, foodtech and advanced chemical technologies among other things. All of the inventions that are available for commercialisation can be seen in the Invention Catalogue.

Reach out

The University of Copenhagen's Tech Transfer Office, handles the patenting and commercialisation process.

If you are interested in licensing an invention, you can contact the office and get in touch with a commercial officer. Before you start, it is recommended to read more about the negotiation process.