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Every day, thousands of decisions are taken about the way society and its institutions are organised, and every single one of these decisions involves perceptions of what a human being actually is.

Human health is challenged by a lifestyle that creates diseases, and global health issues are massive. Researchers are searching to find the keys to a long, healthy life of high quality.

The world population is growing - and growing older - which means more conditions to treat and bigger challenges to health systems and the pharmaceutical industry.

The need to guarantee future supplies of food and an emphasis on the prevention of lifestyle diseases will place heavier demands on the production of healthy, safe and tasty food.

Keeping up with future demand for food and energy will require the cultivation of climate-adapted plants, the ramping up of plant biomass production and new biotechnology-based production systems.

Rising consumption, climate change, scarcity of resources and irreversible damage to ecosystems can lead to social inequality and security-policy conflicts.

Water is the foundation for life as we know it on Earth and the need for water is steadily increasing along with the rapidly growing global population.

International conflicts have a huge impact on the World’s growth and prosperity, and the possibilities of succeeding in creating stable and peaceful cooperation.

Digital technology offers unprecedented opportunities, which means that IT tools are key in addressing the challenges that society faces, e.g. health issues and climate change.


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