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Thor Grünbaum

Thor Grünbaum

associate professor

Primary fields of research

My research is focused on a number of issues in philosophy of action (mind), philosophy of psychology, and philosophy of science.

  • Philosophy of action/mind: Agent’s knowledge, intentions, control of action, sense of agency
  • Philosophy of psychology/cognitive neuroscience: Relation between common-sense psychology and scientific psychology, individuation of computational mechanisms, perception-action models
  • Philosophy of science: Model testing, under-determination problems in cognitive neuroscience, mechanistic explanation.

Selected Publications (for a full list)

Philosophy of action and mind:

  • Grünbaum, T. (2013). Seeing what I am doing. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 86(2), 295-318.
  • Grünbaum, T. (2012). First-Person and Minimal Self-Consciousness. In S. Miguens, & G. Preyer (Eds.), Consciousness and Subjectivity. (pp. 297-320). Heusenstamm: Ontos Verlag.
  • Grünbaum, T. (2011). Perception and non-inferential knowledge of action. Philosophical Explorations, 14(2), 153-167.
  • Grünbaum, T. (2009). Anscombe and Practical Knowledge of What is Happening. Grazer Philosophische Studien, 78, 41-67.
  • Grünbaum, T. (2008). Trying and the Arguments from Total Failure. Philosophia, 36(1), 67-86.

Philosophy of psychology/cognitive neuroscience:

  • Grünbaum, T. (forthcoming). The Perception-Action Model: Counting Computational Mechanisms. Mind & Language.
  • Grünbaum, T. (2015). The feeling of agency hypothesis: a critique. Synthese, 192(10), 3313-3337.
  • Grünbaum, T. (2012). Commonsense psychology, dual visual streams, and the individuation of action. Philosophical Psychology, 25(1), 25-47.

Experimental and theoretical work in cognitive psychology/neuroscience:

  • Christensen, M. S. & Grünbaum, T. (in press). Sense of moving: Moving closer to the movement. In T. Grünbaum & M. S. Christensen (Eds.), Sensation of Movement. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.
  • Christiansen, J. H., Christensen, J. H., Grünbaum, T., & Kyllingsbæk, S. (2014). A Common Representation of Spatial Features Drives Action and Perception: Grasping and Judging Object Features within Trials. PloS one, 9(5), 1-14. [e94744].
  • Overgaard, M., & Grünbaum, T. (2012). Cognitive and non-cognitive conceptions of consciousness. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 16(3), 137-137.
  • Overgaard, M., & Grünbaum, T. (2011). Consciousness and modality: On the possible preserved visual consciousness in blindsight subjects. Consciousness and Cognition, (20), 1855–1859.

Major Research Grants

  • DFF 2016-2020: PI on collaborative research project (DKr. 5,670,757): "Intention, Selection, and Agency" (with Professor of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Søren Kyllingsbæk)
  • DFF 2012-2015: Co-PI on collaborative research project (DKr. 6,254,816): “Phenomenal Consciousness and Cognitive Motor Control” (with Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Aarhus University, Morten Overgaard (PI)).
  • DFF 2010-2014: Co-PI on collaborative research project (DKr. 7,783,200): “Intentional action, attention to objects, and working memory” (with Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Søren Kyllingsbæk (PI)).

Service to profession

  • Associate Editor of Philosophical Explorations (2015-)
  • Referee for public and private research foundations: European Research Council, The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, The Welcome Foundation
  • Ad hoc reviewer: Mind, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Studies, Synthese, Philosophical Quarterly, Mind & Language, Philosophical Psychology
  • President of Danish Society for Philosophy and Psychology (2009-)

Recently taught courses:




Cognitive Science:


  • Introduction to Cognitive Science, Fall 2016: Course Schedule.
  • Empirical Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Communication, Spring 2015: Course Schedule.

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