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Christina Skovgaard Vegge

Christina Skovgaard Vegge


  • Food Safety and Zoonoses

    Stigbøjlen 4, 1870 Frederiksberg C

    Phone: +45 35 33 64 59

Primary fields of research

Campylobacter jejuni can efficiently and commensally colonize the avian gut but seems unable to proliferate outside the gastrointestinal environment. Nevertheless, C. jejuni is the primary food borne bacterial pathogen in the developed world, and it is puzzling how this apparently fragile organism can survive the transmission to humans. 

With the overall focus of exploring the adaptive capacity of Campylobacter to changing environments, I have studied chemotaxis, flagella structure, stress responses, natural transformation, metabolic pathways, immunogenic proteins, colonization, phage interactions, invasion and interactions of Campylobacter with other bacterial species. Currently, my primary interest is the dynamics of Campylobacter populations. 

ID: 4223502