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Merete Nordentoft

Merete Nordentoft

Clinical Professor

  • Department of Clinical Medicine

    Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri, Bispebjerg Bakke 23, 2400 København NV

    Phone: +45 38 64 74 53Mobile: +45 20 60 75 52

Merete Nordentoft is an expert in epidemiology, suicidal behavior, psychopathology and early intervention in psychosis. She was PI for many large randomized clinical trials, evaluating the effect of psychosocial intervention, of which the Danish OPUS trial (specialized assertive intervention in first episode psychosis) is the most well known.
She has worked with suicide prevention at a national level since 1997. Together with a group of epidemiologist from Nordic countries, she has proved that life expectancy in schizophrenia is 15 to 20 years shorter than in the general population.
She is involved as one of the PI’s in iPSYCH, the Lundbeck FoundationInitiative
For Integrative Psychiatric Research, which aims at investigating genetic and environmental causes of mental disorders. The initiation of the large Danish High Risk and Resilience Study VIA 7 is an important part of iPSYCH.
She was given the prestigious award “Global Excellence in Health” in 2012.

ID: 926897