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Berit Andersen Faber

Berit Andersen Faber

Research Assistant

LLM, Research Assistant at Copenhagen University, Section of Occupational and Environmental Health, Øster Farimagsgade 5, DK 1014 Copenhagen K. 


Berit Andersen Faber (Master of Laws (cand.jur.), From Jan. 2014 until Febr. 2017 PhD-fellow at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, Center for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR). Her main fields of interest are health law, bio law, data protection law and the related areas of bioethics and science and technology studies. She has also worked with research integrity and research ethics. The PhD-project: "Legal pathways for donors' rights in international biobanks -Tools for balancing the rights and wishes of donors in biobanking with the need for new research" is part of the KU interdisciplinary project "Global Genes Local Concerns ", a project under the UCPH Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research.


Berit A. Faber has gained general management experience and experience in the areas of research ethics and research responsibility, bio-law and bio-ethics from executive and administrative positions at The Danish Council of Ethics, The Danish National Committee on Health Research Ethics, The Committees on Scientific Dishonesty, The Danish Centre for Bioethics and Risk Assessment (CeBRA)and The Danish Ministry of Health. She has also worked as a consultant providing legal support in international law in the areas of bio-law and biotechnology as well as providing management consulting and mentoring services.

She has experience with international collaboration from serving as a representative of the Danish Council of Ethics at The EU Commission’s Network of European Ethics Committees (NEC-forum), and as a member of the delegation of the Danish Ministry of Health during the preparation of the European Council’s Convention on Human Rights and Bioethics.



Areas of Interest

  •  Biolaw
  •  Biobank legislation
  •  Law and technology studies
  •  Law and bioethics
  •  Data protection legislation


The PhD project: "Legal pathways for donor's rights in international biobanks -Tools for balancing the rights and wishes of donors in biobanking with the need for new research" is part of the interdisciplinary project "Global Genes Local Concerns "


Short description of the PhD project:


Currently, we see a change in global political and legal frameworks regarding the legislation and governance of bio banks. It has for some time been sufficient for each country to take its own stand in different issues involving ethics, legislation and governance regarding bio banking. Today resent developments in relation to the internationalisation of data sharing and the sharing of biological samples and information created from research on human biological material create more detailed demands in terms of regulation, administration and governance.


The main aim of the project is to carry out a comparative analysis of international- EU- and national regulation and the legislational procedures and governance-practices of regulating activities concerning the collection, storing, use and dissemination of biological material and derived health data related to bio banking and data banking. A special focus on the Nordic countries is chosen because the Nordic countries can be seen as “first movers” in legislation and administration of bio banks.

To describe and analyze models of consent, models of securing confidentiality (coding, anonymization and communication of results) models of ownership of samples and benefit-sharing in order to identify converging and differing ethical principles in relation to legislation and governance.



ID: 93713300