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Stig Eduard Breitenstein Jensen

Stig Eduard Breitenstein Jensen

Associate Professor

  • Centre for African Studies

    Karen Blixens Plads 16, Building: Lok. 8B-1-19

    2300 København S

    Phone: +45 35 32 45 99

Primary research areas:

I am Associated Professor at Centre of African Studies. My research interests include:

* Development issues related to Africa, such as Aid, linkages between economic development and poverty alleviation, rural livelihood, governance issues, democratisation, inter-African cooperation etc.

* The Zimbabwean crisis with special focus on socio-economic and environmental issues.

* The role of the private sector in combining rural development and nature conservation with special focus on the role of tourism and types of payments for environmental services.

* The international debate on environment and development past and present.

* Actors in environmental management linked to issues such as wildlands management and biodiversity conservation. 

Current research:

My current research attempts to capture the combined environmental and developmental issues related to Africa. My interest in Africa's environment ranges from actors with different utilization perspectives, to actors focused on the protection of the environment such as the conservation of biodiversity. Interdisciplinarity is a central element in my analytical approach to environmental issues under changing conditions. This is because it has the capacity to accommodate diversity, to “orchestrate the sciences” by bringing them together and inter-relating them, which is needed for understanding the complexities related to the environment.

The following are actual thematic research areas: 

* Debating the Earth in a Climate of Change

Focus on: The international debate on environmental issues related to Africa and Africans.

* The Role of the Market in Promoting Sustainability

Focus on issues related to: Payments for environmental services (such as REDD) or other forms of market mechanisms (such as tourism) be designed as a pro-poor strategy for sustainable development in Africa. Including the scope for synergies between poverty alleviation and conservation of natural resources.

* Governing Natural Resources under Globalization

Focus on: Multilayered environmental governance system - the roles and effects of international, national and local governance actors on natural resource management in Africa.


 I teach at the moment the following course at CAS:

* Nature, Population and Society in Africa

* Helping Africa

* Thesis seminar

I am currently supervise a large number of MA students with different topics related to Afrika. I have taught courses in following subjects:

*     Politics, development and change in Africa

*     In a climate of climatic changes

*     Society and Environment in Africa

*     New hope for Africa

*     Africa on Business Class

*     External sources for Africa's Development

*     Is Africa on the way to achieving the Millennium Development Goals?

*     Africa under globalisation

*     Academic dessemination   



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