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Lonnie Grove Petersen

Lonnie Grove Petersen


Publication year:
  1. 2016
  2. Published

    Thoracic epidural analgesia reduces gastric microcirculation in the pig. / Ambrus, Rikard; Strandby, Rune B; Secher, Niels H.; Runitz, Kim; Svendsen, Morten Bo Søndergaard; Petersen, Lonnie Grove; Achiam, Michael Patrick; Svendsen, Lars Bo.

    In: BMC Anesthesiology, Vol. 16, 86, 2016.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  3. Published

    Carotid baroreflex function at the onset of cycling in men. / Barbosa, Thales C; Vianna, Lauro C; Hashimoto, Takeshi; Petersen, Lonnie G; Olesen, Niels D; Tsukamoto, Hayato; Sørensen, Henrik Millinge; Ogoh, Shigehiko; Nóbrega, Antonio C L; Secher, Niels H.

    In: American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, Vol. 311, No. 5, 01.11.2016, p. R870-R878.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  4. E-pub ahead of print

    Coupling between arterial and venous cerebral blood flow during postural change. / Ogoh, Shigehiko; Washio, Takuro; Sasaki, Hiroyuki; Petersen, Lonnie Grove; Secher, Niels H; Sato, Kohei.

    In: A J P: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology (Online), 02.11.2016, p. ajpregu.00325.2016.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  5. Published

    Postural influence on intracranial and cerebral perfusion pressure in ambulatory neurosurgical patients. / Petersen, Lonnie Grove; Petersen, Johan Casper Grove; Andresen, Morten; Secher, Niels H; Juhler, Marianne.

    In: American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, Vol. 310, No. 1, 01.01.2016, p. R100-R104.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  6. 2015
  7. Published

    Body height and arterial pressure in seated and supine young males during +2 G centrifugation. / Arvedsen, Sine K.; Eiken, Ola; Kölegård, Roger; Petersen, Lonnie G.; Norsk, Peter; Damgaard, Morten.

    In: American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, Vol. 309, No. 9, 01.11.2015, p. R1172-R1177.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  8. Published

    ICP during daily life in healthy adults : What does microgravity add to the mix? / Lawley, Justin; Wiliams, Michael; Petersen, Lonnie Grove; Zhang, Rong; Whitworth, Tony; Levine, Benjamin.

    In: F A S E B Journal, Vol. 29, No. Suppl 1, 990.10, 2015.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewConference abstract in journal

  9. Published

    Effect of postural changes on ICP in healthy and ill subjects. / Petersen, Lonnie G; Juhler, Marianne.

    In: Acta Neurochirurgica, Vol. 157, No. 1, 01.2015, p. 109-13.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  10. 2014
  11. Published

    The hydrostatic pressure indifference point underestimates orthostatic redistribution of blood in humans. / Petersen, L G; Carlsen, Jonathan F.; Nielsen, Michael Bachmann; Damgaard, M; Secher, N H.

    In: Journal of Applied Physiology, Vol. 116, No. 7, 01.04.2014, p. 730-735.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  12. 2011
  13. Published

    Mechanisms of increase in cardiac output during acute weightlessness in humans. / Petersen, Lonnie G; Damgaard, Morten; Petersen, Johan Casper Grove; Norsk, Peter.

    In: Journal of Applied Physiology, Vol. 111, No. 2, 01.08.2011, p. 407-11.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  14. 2005
  15. Published

    Vasorelaxation in space. / Norsk, Peter; Damgaard, Morten; Petersen, Lonnie Grove; Gybel, Mikkel; Pump, Bettina; Gabrielsen, Anders; Christensen, Niels Juel.

    In: Hypertension, Vol. 47, No. 1, 2005, p. 69-73.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

ID: 18173078