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Julie Sommerlund

Julie Sommerlund

Associate Dean for External Relations

  • The Dean's Office

    Karen Blixens Vej 4, 2300 København S, KUA2, Building: 15B-1-14

    Phone: +45 51 70 01 36

Research in innovation, aesthetics, culture and communication. Former Head of Department of Fashion and Textiles at the Royal Danish Academy, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.

Current research projects:

HumanImpact is the first Danish attempt at systematically ensuring businesses access to specialised humanities based knowledge about their customers. The project, which is anchored at the Faculty of Humanities and will be up and running until 2020, is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation with 8 mill The Danish Chamber of Commerce, The Confederation of Danish Industry and Symbion are core partners in the project.  

PtoP (Policy to Partnership) focuses on the consequences and outcomes of the notions of partnerships in research and innovation programs. The project is carried out in collaboration with professor Signe Vikkelsø, CBS.

Primary fields of research

Innovation, aesthetics, innovation, culture.

Current research project focuses upon the consequences and outcomes of the partnership idea in research funding and innovation programs (with Signe Vikkelsø, CBS).

ID: 9842370